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Healing Horseshoe = A childless not by choice grief circle with a gap waiting to welcome you in.

Healing Horseshoe

Each person's childless story is unique, but what everyone has in common is the need for their loss to be witnessed by those who deeply understand our layered and disenfranchised grief, without the need to try to fix us.


About our Healing Horseshoe

Since establishing this childless not-by-choice community in 2020, I have witnessed brave, compassionate, vulnerable, fun-loving, beautiful-souled women showing up during struggles, sharing experiences, discussing coping skills, and helping each other heal through community and friendship. Alongside witnessing this love, I have also heard laughter. As someone who knows the feeling of being lost and alone with this struggle, I understand that vulnerability and laughter are precious gifts in equal measure. I am here with you, doing my own brave healing work.

Over time, with the security of being supported, seen, heard, and witnessed, pathways start to open. They allow us to gently release what no longer serves us, and step by step, we bravely move towards the messy and beautiful life available to us.

We will meet twice a month, offering a combination of community, ceremonies, and workshops.

For consistency in the group, new members will be welcomed once a season. This approach allows us to build a small community where real connection has an opportunity to occur. Many members, when ready, transition to our Embracing Us group for ongoing support.

Our groups are small and intimate, providing space for your voice to be heard. Current and past community members are permanently childless not by choice women; members range from mid-30s to 70+ years old. We have different professions, including therapists, business owners, artists, consultants, retirees, social workers, teachers, executives, or those unable to work due to chronic illness. We are from across the world with a common desire to witness and be witnessed, and to live with more freedom, joy, and wholeness.


Joining Sandra’s group has been the biggest support factor in all of my CNBC journey. It’s really helpful and healing to be each other’s witness on this heartbreaking but also heart & life rebuilding journey.  If you have any doubts, be assured that this is one of the best moves you can make.   Anette 2nd Edition

Safe Space

This group is unique in that it is small enough that we can all meet up and get to know each other and it’s been such a safe place to bring our vulnerable selves.

Robin 2nd Edition 


Actually this was the 1st time I ever spoke to anyone about this and told my story. All my friends have children, literally ALL of them, so does my sister, and I didn’t have anyone to share it with, until now.

Julia F 1st Edition

Workshops & Ceremonies

I especially love the workshops. Each one is different and I feel like I am able to heal one more layer with each workshop. As we know, the grief we carry is deep and layered.

Suzanne C 3rd Edition

If you’d like more information about our Healing Horseshoe, get in touch.

Healing Horseshoe is right for you if...

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Facilitated by Sandra McNicol,
Grief Therapist, Coach and CNBC.

The Healing Horseshoe was born out of a personal need. I am childless not by choice too, and during my grief, I felt lost, alone, and like my life no longer had any real value. I questioned every decision I had made in my life, felt shame for feeling this way, and tried to see the bright side of the life that was available to me, but that just made me feel worse. I needed to grieve, and I needed that grief to be witnessed by a loving community who had been on a similar path. That community was life-changing for me, key to my healing, integrating my losses, and allowing me to start to think about "what now"?

Learn more about Sandra's story here

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How can I be sure this is for me?

When joining, you complete an enrollment form to ensure you are a good fit. If there are any remaining doubts, Sandra will connect for a 15-minute chat. Also, we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee, which allows you to try one session without any risks.


How many people will be in the horseshoe with me?

The work we are doing in really sensitive, so we like to keep the group small of around 6 people, with Sandra holding a safe space 


I am nervous to share my story...

Go at your own pace and share what you are comfortable with, there is no pressure to share your story.  When you are ready having your pain witness in a safe space is a very healing experience. 


My grief feels overwhelming

If your grief feels overwhelming where you are living in a permanent state of anxiety, depression, blame or anger, you may be more suitable for private individual session at this time.  Reach out for a confidential chat.   


What are the technical requirements to join

All you need to have access to Zoom on a computer or phone (computer will be more comfortable) with a good internet connection and camera.  We will ask you to put your camera on to create connection/safety.


Avoid bank charges

If you bank in a currency different from Great British Pounds, it is possible that your bank may charge an additional fee for international payments.  This is outside our control. To avoid such charges you may also pay via PayPal. Choose the offline payment option when booking, then proceed with a manual transaction to


What if I can't join live?

No problem.  A password protected, replay will be made available for 2 weeks, to any paid member who has not been able to join

This group is really life changing (and sometimes life saving!) for people like us.

Julia F

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