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Embracing Us

Embracing Us is a community tailored for women permanently childless not by choice, seeking purpose beyond motherhood. While the heaviness of grief may have passed, a lingering sense of unfulfillment remains. In this group, we gather monthly to provide mutual support as we embrace the richness of life available to us. Through workshops, tools, and a compassionate community, we rediscover our identities, strengths, and sources of joy, releasing what holds us back on our journey of healing and growth. Join us in a safe and understanding space where we honor our unique paths as childless not by choice women.


Each season consists of 6 live Zoom meetings split across a total of 10 hours together:

  • 2 live workshops x 2 hours each

  • 4 live community calls x 1.5 hours each where you can bring up the topics that matter most to you.

  • You'll also have access to a social media private chat and Facebook group to reach out between calls. 

  • The price for the complete season is 175 Euros.

  • Additionally, optional individual private sessions with Sandra are available at a 15% discount during membership.

Many people join for a season and stay for a number of years

Benefits of Embracing Us

Sign Up Process

1.  Complete the application form

2.  Receive confirmation 

3.  Book you spot 

Embracing Us is right for you if...

Peaking into a topics discussed...

Each group is unique, and formed by the members.  Things which may come up in our community calls and workshops include 


  • Dealing with Fear of Growing Old Alone: Address fears of aging alone in the safety of a community and share wisdom and support

  • Pronatalism: Letting go of the idea that you have to do something or be someone extra special to compensate for being childless.

  • Empowering Womanhood: Explore together how womanhood is so much more than motherhood and brainstorm new paths to identity and fulfillment.

  • Navigating Relationships: Connecting with others who understand how challenging it can be with friends, colleagues, and even partners who don't get it. Brainstorm what boundaries are right for you, and use the belonging and friendship you find in our supportive community as a bridge back to loved ones.

  • Nurturing Your Authentic Self: Consider how to break free from the busyness of life and start to move towards a future with a balance between being and  doing.

  • Living Life Fully: Brainstorm how to embrace life with more energy and purpose, leaving behind fears of merely existing.

  • Honoring Loss and Grief: Understand that childlessness is a lifelong loss and make space for our grief as it resurfaces. Find (and give) compassion and understanding in our community as we navigate the complexities of loss together.

Embracing Us is not right for you yet if...


Facilitated by Sandra McNicol,
Grief Therapist, Coach and CNBC.

In 2019, I became permanently childless not by choice. Like many, this initiated a period of profound grief that felt like a never-ending winter. Fortunately, the first editions of the Healing Horseshoe brought some wonderful women into my life, making that dark season more bearable. Although my journey wasn't linear, in 2021, about two months after a particularly intense bout of grief, I began to hear a whisper from within—a faint voice suggesting that it's possible to lead a fulfilling life despite being childless. Hope cautiously started to return. Through various iterations of the Healing Horseshoe, it's been a privilege to witness many childless women arrive at the same realization. Grief may transform us, but in our own time and at our own pace, we reach a point where we decide it's time to embrace the life available to us. Yet, navigating this new path can feel uncertain, and we yearn for the support of other childless women.  Welcome to Embracing Us.

Sandra, I am so pleased that  I found you and this fantastic group that you facilitate.  I feel so much better than I have done for the past 10 years, so thank you.

Pamela P, UK


How can I be sure this is for me?

When joining, you complete an enrollment form to ensure you are a good fit. If you score 1 or 2 on any of the health questions or there are any remaining doubts, Sandra will connect for a 15-minute chat. Also, we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee, which allows you to try one session without any risks.


What are the technical requirements to join

All you need to have access to Zoom on a computer or phone (computer will be more comfortable) with a good internet connection , camera and light.  We will ask you to put your camera on to create connection/safety.


Avoid bank charges

If you bank in a currency different from Euros, it is possible that your bank may charge an additional fee for international payments.  This is outside our control. To avoid such charges you may also pay via PayPal or GBP bank transfer. Choose the offline payment option when booking, then proceed with a manual transaction to


What if I can't join live?

No problem.  A password protected, replay will be made available for 2 weeks, to any paid member who has not been able to join

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