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CNBC Support Circles

Each person's childless story is as unique as their fingerprint, but what everyone has in common is the need for their childlessness to be witnessed by those who deeply understand our layered and disenfranchised grief, without the need to try to fix us.

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About our Community and  Support Circles

Since establishing my childless not-by-choice community in 2020, I have witnessed brave, compassionate, vulnerable, fun-loving, beautiful-souled women showing up during struggles, sharing experiences, discussing coping skills, and helping each other heal through community and friendship. Alongside witnessing this love, I have also heard laughter. As someone who knows the feeling of being lost and alone with this struggle, I understand that vulnerability and laughter are precious gifts in equal measure. I am here with you, doing my own brave healing work.

Over time, with the security of being supported, seen, heard, and witnessed, pathways start to open. They allow us to gently release what no longer serves us, and step by step, we bravely move towards the messy and beautiful life available to us.

We offer two distinct groups: "Healing Horseshoe" for those seeking to honor their losses and integrate their grief, i.e., need a safe space to vent, to cry, to laugh, to connect, and to heal. Additionally, "Embracing Us" is a community where women are ready to rediscover who they are, their strengths, sources of joy, and find meaning beyond motherhood.

In both groups we offer a combination of community, ceremonies, and workshops.

For consistency in the group, new members will be welcomed once a season. This approach allows us to build a small community where real connection and friendships have the opportunity to occur.  

Our groups are small and intimate, providing space for your voice to be heard. Current and past community members are permanently childless not by choice women; members range from mid-30s to 70+ years old. We have different professions, including therapists, business owners, artists, consultants, retirees, social workers, teachers,  musicians, executives, or those unable to work due to chronic illness.


We are from across the world (so far... US, Australia, Spain, The Netherlands, Scotland, Italy, England, Switzerland, Sweden, Nigeria, Norway, Canada, South Africa) with a common desire to witness and be witnessed, and to live with more freedom, joy, and wholeness.

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Healing Together

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Safe Space 

 I tried so many different types of support groups hoping to find some comfort in my grief, but I never felt that I quite fitted. Then, last year  I found the group with Sandra. It is hard to put into words the incredible impact this has had on my life. I have felt so safe in this wonderful group. I have met such compassionate and loving women who have nurtured my interest in life again. Through emotional conversations and gentle quiet moments I have found the way to feel safe to feel my emotions again. Thank you to Sandra and my beautiful horseshoe friends. It feels so wonderful to have found a place where I belong.

Nicky 4th Edition


Joining Sandra’s group has been the biggest support factor in all of my CNBC journey. It’s really helpful and healing to be each other’s witness on this heartbreaking but also heart & life rebuilding journey.  If you have any doubts, be assured that this is one of the best moves you can make.   Anette 2nd Edition

Workshops & Ceremonies

I can’t put into words what this group has done for me. I was all alone on an island before finding Sandra and the other ladies. Now, I feel understood and I love the support I am able to receive and offer within the group. The ladies in the group truly are some of the most compassionate and loving women I have ever met. Sandra does an amazing job leading the group. I am just now at a point where I am getting excited for my future again. It takes some courage to reach out and put yourself out there, but I promise you won’t regret it. Vulnerability leads to deeper connections and feeling understood. 

Suzanne  3rd Edition & Embracing Us.


Sandra's group has been so helpful to me in healing. Simply connecting with other women who "get it" has made a world of difference to me. I no longer feel so alone with this struggle, and it's very healing to know I can reach out for support anytime from my group members. Sandra's warmth and empathy during the group calls and workshops is palpable, and I also love laughing with her and the group. I would absolutely recommend working with Sandra or joining one of her CNBC groups. 

Ellen 3rd Edition & Embracing Us

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